Dan’s Online Diary 

# 12.5.05 by Michelle

So, off I go to my first lecture at Grace Theological College on 'Women in the Bible'. I learnt tonight about the role of woman as a helper, about evangelical feminists and complementarians. I (re)learnt how the man has headship and authority over his wife, how we are created equal as male and female but have very distinct and different roles, Genesis Chapters 1 - 3 were discussed in detail.

Now this is very cool. I know all this in my head. But, the worrying thing is that before I left tonight to go to the lecture, I wrote up a list of things for my husband to complete. I told him he had to complete three things tonight. Feeling rather guilty at the lecture I had to examine my heart, was I helping him or was I leading him? I then realised that the list of things he had to do were responsibilities he had to fulfil - one for church, one for work and one for our household. They were all things he had a leadership role in, so I figured I was helping him lead. Does that make sense? Was it the right thing to do? Considering that if I hadn't helped him lead, then he may well have forgotten to lead. Or is it a chicken and egg thing? Does he need to lead first so I can help or do I need to help so he can lead? Now I am very confused. I will stop here.

Can anyone shed some light on this?