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# 15.1.03 by Dan

Just been reading Luke 4:1-13 - The temptation of Christ.
Just thought I'd quickly type up the footnotes from the NIV Study Bible:

JESUS CHRIST, Temptation - In Luke the order is reversed of the temptation in the Temple, and the temptation for wordly power, possibly to show that spiritual power and corruption are even worse that the misuse of political power. Luke indicated the the tempter left Jesus only for a while, The temptation of Jesus, like ours, was a lifelong process (Lk 22:28). Jesus resisted all pressures and all temptations. The Spirit's presence strengthened Him in resisting. For temptation to be real, Jesus had to be able to sin. For salvation to be secure, He had to resist temptation; and He did.

SIN, Tempting - Temptation is not sin. To face a situation and consider doing what is wrong is not sin. Jesus faced temptation, but He certainly did not sin. Sin is seeing the sinful opportunity and desiring to participate in it. The Christian response to temptation is to the the situation through the perspective of God's Word and decide definitely not to participate. God's Word helps us to see the hidden implications of an action, not just the simple act. The act may not be sinful. The motivation for the act or the priority taught by the act may be sinful as seen in the temptation to use miraculous powers for selfish purposes. Some acts susch as worshiping Satan are sinful in themselves.

So that clarifies the difference between being tempted, and succumbing to temptation. It also states that Jesus could have sinned, but didn't. (Footnotes are by no means infallible, but are nonetheless helpful)

I'm hungry - time for a shower and breakfast I think. I should also make my lunch.