Dan’s Online Diary 

# 27.1.03 by Dan
Parachute was excellent....

Bumped into lots of people. Music was awesome - my ears are still ringing. Crane-loads of New Zealand talent - some very cool international stuff too.
My favourite acts would have been (in no particular order) : Andy Hunter, The Elusive Tones Of Wonder, mumsdollar, PugFace, Rapture Ruckus, Elevator, Never The Less (Manurewa reprazent) and of course, The Kumquats, playing a one-off reunion gig - classic parachute funky stuff.
Well, now I'm all nice and clean again, but am still exceptionally tired.

In other news:
Big ups to Mark Young, who won the find-our-picture competition on our recently updated website (see post below) - still waiting for some runners-up.

Ya'll take it easy and I be chekn in witchu tomorrer.
Peace out.