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# 27.2.03 by Dan
One long-winded spiel coming up:
A friend of mine, who is perhaps one of the few people who frequents this particular corner of the 'Living Web' <hastly searches Google for a free hit counter in a brief moment of paranioia>, (Cheers mhjb(hehe - gotcha - you gotta put something there now)) refered this to me. It makes a lot of sense, really (if you ignore point '8.').

I think it doesn't really make much sense at all to write something that other people aren't really going to be interested in, cos then you'd only be writing for yourself, which is a fairly decent way to waste ones time. (unless, of course, you're despicably forgetful, as I am, and need to transfer data from the extremely unstable media between your ears, to the slighly more stable, and oh-so-public world of electronic media(yes, your hard-drive is public) - but even still).
So I have to make 'it' more interesting - 'it' being here, where you are now - reading this stuff I'm writing for you (since I've decided I'm not writing 'it' for me).

Trivial things shall become just that. No lists of actual things what I done or are doing. Its not the 'what' - that stuff is easy - its the 'why' that matters. More passion and excitement, less fact and crap.

So, having said that, I've kinda put the ball partly in your court. How am I to know what is going to excite you, and stir up your passion, unless of course you tell me. Note the 'Shout Out' at the bottom of each post - you can let me know if I'm on the write track (intentional pun)(the bit in parentheses after kind spoiled it, didn't it...)(did it?)

In other news...:
I felt not the anticipated apprehension of my first week back at tech - it was almost as if I had never left (I left over 2 years ago). Despite the fact that I'm the only guy who wears a suit to class (I dash out to lectures in between work and work), I quite enjoy wielding a little bit of the 'adult-student' attitude(I think I am aided in this partly due to the suit, and partly due to the fact I also wield a Compaq Pocket PC(not mine - it belongs to 'the firm' - but the kids don't know that) - a toy that only an 'international student' could afford). Ah well - hopefully my 'adult-student' attitude was packaged with a free copy of 'adult-student' motivation and the 'The-government-isn't-paying-your-fees-this-time' handbook.

Parking in the CBD is expensive. Doubly so if you have to pop out and back during the day, rendering useless the 'Early-bird special'. I have four hours of tech lectures each week. That doesn't sound like much until you envisage each hour being on a different day (Monday - Thursday inclusive). That means I gotta go in to town for work, back out to Manukau for tech and then back in to work and then back home again at the end. Four times a week. Lots of wasted time and lots of money spent on short parking stints. Contemplation of this situatation has left the realisation that alternative means of transportation is in order. Buses don't go where I need them to (do they ever?) - nor do the trains. So i have settled (albeit lightly) on the idea of getting a scooter - of the those 50cc jobs that you can ride with just your car licence - since they're free to park in parking buildings, are nippy in traffic, easy to squeeze into tiny parking spaces, and are insanely fuel-economical. The only down-side (theres always one) is the whole wet-weather scenario. But a good bit of PVC gear should solve that. Might have a look at some shops on Saturday - we'll see.
Since I am talking about scooters, it is patently obvious that I have run out of drivel, and am becoming increasingly tired. I'm bound to have left a few spelling errors in my wake, but hey, its all about being part of the 'Living Web'

Spot something serious that is missing from this post (in comparision to many of my previous posts) and I'll make your name up all flashy-like in Photoshop and post it here. (You have to come up with the exact same thing that I'm thinking of right now - other stuff doesn't count - my decision is final - some correspondance may be entered into)
I think this is perhaps my worst post yet.