Dan’s Online Diary 

# 2.3.03 by Dan
I must say that this morning's service went really well. I was a bit worried that I was rushing through the whole thing - and that my nervousness was down-right unhelpful to the congregation - but ramdomly sampled survey results have shown that despite a few too many 'Umms...' it went really well.
Thanks to those of you who would have prayed but didn't cos I never requested prayer until it was too late this morning.

Went to Pukekohe Park raceway this afternoon and got sunburned watching fast cars inefficiently burning unneccesary volumes of fossil fuel with considerable noise and smell. I love it. I just wish it could be me in drivers seat.
Feeling a bit jaded the past few days - I know the late nights haven't helped. I must confess that I've not gone to the evening service, but instead am relaxing with a cold one, and post-blog-posting I will be spending the rest of the evening with my wife.

Gotta split, ya'll.... take care...