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# 14.3.03 by Dan
More and better photos - same place as yesterday.

Felt a vague sense of triumph last night - was watching 60 minutes(i think it was 60 minutes) and they had a feature on the situation in the Middle East. A short interview with Donald Rumsfeld was most interesting. (You may want to read this first, if you haven't already.)
The interviewer asked Mr. Rumsfeld what he would say to people who suggested that the impending war was all about oil (or something like that). Rumsfeld did not have anything to say other than "...its just not about oil..." - he didn't have any other excuse or reason, and looked rather uneasy and sheepish(or was i reading him wrong?). Fascinating anyway. The feature went on to take a quick tour around the oilfields in northern Kuwait - on the Iraqi border. It was mentioned that due to trade embargoes restricting technology and stuff like that, Iraq was not currently able to produce anywhere near as much oil as they potentially could. So, under US control, or at least under a US-friendly democratic government, Iraq would be able to produce a significant amount of oil for US consumption. And Rumsfeld says its not about oil. Quite frankly, there is no reason for war that I can see other than to grab some oil.

I'm sticking to my theory.