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# 27.3.03 by Dan
Well well well.....

It is Michelle's birthday today -- we're going out for dinner tonight with family and sundry -- there is a Thai restaurant that is nice and has the added appeal of being very local (ie: its within fifteen hundred metres of our collective addresses of residence). Michelle will be entering her twenty-fourth year (she's turning 23).

Housewarming bash at our place tomorrow night. The notice has been issued with acute tardiness. So I'm not really sure who will turn up. <sigh>

I have discovered I really enjoy weeding the garden. I have pulled weeds for the past two evenings, working until dark. It really is amazing the difference it makes when you separate the undesirable plants from the desirable. I'm sure that can be used as an analogy for something, but I can't be bothered. But it really is satisfying - everyone should try it.
Sweeping and tidying produces a similar sense of satisfaction.