Dan’s Online Diary 

# 16.4.03 by Dan
I have a test in an hour or so for this paper. I get the feeling I'm going to do either reasonably well, or very poorly. I have no idea.

A pidegon flew down our chimney yesterday, and was there to greet us from being the fire-screen when we arrived home after work. The poor thing wasn't that keen on flying out the door, and was also obviously unfamiliar with the concept of 'ceilings', to the detrement of its poor head. She managed to calm down enough to sit still and then hop onto a rolled-up newspaper, whereby I was then able to carry her outside.

The concept of small space-framed car with a pair of race-tuned Suzuki GSX-1300R engines driving the rear wheels entered my head briefly while I was at lunch. How would you couple/match the power from a pair of engines to provide balanced drive to the rear wheels? Then I thought - well isn't that pretty much just a Lotus ? ... and then the thought was abandoned