Dan’s Online Diary 

# 29.4.03 by Dan
I often wish I wasn't a computer geek.

I feel that as long as I am stuck here behind this desk with only technical matter to fill my mind, my literary prowess (or lack thereof), shall at best simply plateau, but in reality, will fade. I have not the time to read, nor do my work or study call for it, alas.

The air has cooled with the fall of the sun. Noticable even in my air-conditioned office.

A spider-plant awaits relocation on the kitchen bench. It will eventually assume pride of place on my desk here at work. I like plants at work.

Have just received word that Michelle and Corina are on their way to pick me up - best be packing up my PC and other stuff. Might check in on you all later this evening.

Listening to: Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon. (and other tracks from 'Lazy Sunday 3'). Am also enjoying the Mercury Rev track - Holes. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By(Acoustic) is a good listen also.