Dan’s Online Diary 

# 8.5.03 by Dan
Corina has just bought the ultimate chick-flick soundtrack album. Three crazy women are over-prescencing my house, with singing and dancing et al. I might have to lay the smack down if the dust doesn't settle soon. I have temporarily barricaded myself into the corner of the kitchen where I am writing this blog. Althought I must admit, I was getting down to New Order's 'Blue Monday'. Ahhh and now van Morrison's 'Brown-Eyed Girl'. Okay - its not so bad.....
Yeah - it has some good stuff on it actually, might have to steal it and rip it to mp3 (did I just say that out loud?).

An assorted collection of thoughts for/from today:

- You may not believe it, but I'm wearing swimming goggles.

- Hyped up The Alfa Blog this afternoon - inspired by the back of a CD case - namely Out Of Eden - 'This Is Your Life'. Also added info re: work done on the Alfa this last week.

- I have an assignment due on Monday - I have it all worked in my head - just need to get it down on paper. Or rather arrange a sequence of '1's and '0's in such a fashion as they form a file named 'assignTwo.doc' on my harddrive that contains the correct answers to the assignment. I guess, since I have to send it to the printer, my initial 'get it down on paper' statement is correct, but I needed an excuse to waffle on for a bit.

- A Moscow Mule is mighty tasty - vodka, lemon juice and the balance ginger beer.

- Our boss is looking to trial some of these. Since I am the resident Palm Pilot/ guru - more by bad luck than anything else - I'm hoping I might get to play around with it for a bit. I'm a technophiliac - so shoot me.

- Auckland traffic is insane. I often wish I was a police officer so I could ticket all the idiots who don't indicate and so I can educate the clowns who can't/won't merge properly at on-ramps.

- I'm still wearing swimming goggles. <== hehe - gotcha....

- My bean bag has developed a hole, alas. Nothing a bit of sewing can't fix, but still.

- Clutching at straws - all my thoughts have slipped through my fingers - like sand through the hourglass blah blah the blah of our blah.....

- Watched 60 Minutes this evening. They had a report on GM's latest billion dollar hydrogen fuel-cell initiative. They intend to have zero emmission hydrogen powered vehicles in production by 2010. Sceptics have touted it as another 'fad', like their electric car project, which kinda fizzled. Personally, I have slightly more confidence when a vehicle manufacturer talks about moving away from fossil fuel than when a petroleum company talks about developing alternative fuel technology, but I still remain fairly dubious of the whole shebang.

Thats enough rubbish from me, now over to you, for the rest of your evening. Good night.