Dan’s Online Diary 

# 15.5.03 by Dan
I really am too busy to write anything today.
I wish I was more philospically literate. I don't know any big words that actually mean anything. For example, sarah j and daniel silliman converse on such things as I have never set ear to before. I mean - I know what postmodernism means, ie: the dictionary definition (wikipedia, even), but what does it actually mean? For one who is oft maligned for the apparently despicable habit that I have of 'thinking too much', I really do lack the means by which 'thinking to much' might be made much more efficient, whereby this heinous habit might be made to consume less of my productive existence. So, as is made blatantly evident by my last sentence, I am reduced to reciting rather ill-fitting and over-engineered tirades that consist of every-day words strung together in such a fashion as to eventually, and with much tedious finger-drumming by the hapless reader, form an expression that can perhaps be released into the wild as something that might ever-so-slightly give just a mild indication of what I'm actually trying to say.

On the subject of thinking too much - this accusation that has been leveled at me of late has triggered a neuron somewhere deep within the grey-matter causing the recollection of a line from a movie. This movie being Ronin - an exceptionally excellent car-chase flick featuring a lead role played by the ineffable Robert De Niro. One of the scenes has Sean Bean saying to Robert DN - "You think too much", to which R DN replies "Thats funny... no-one's every accussed me of thinking too much before". It sounds crap since I paraphrased it because I can't find the actual line on the internet and I can't be bothered watching the whole movie (I have it on DVD) to find it while this blog post sits unfinished. But anyway. Got it off my chest now.

So much for not writing much.

I'm going to see The Matrix Reloaded at 12:01am tonight (technically tomorrow morning). I would be anticipating unprecedented special-effects, but I'm not, merely because the first movie('The Matrix') was indeed that precedent. So I guess I am expected simply more of the same. But even so, if this is the case, I won't be disappointed since 'The Matrix' was awesome. I've often dreamt of the possiblity of a full neural computer interface. A tool by which you can manipulate the mind - learning complex concepts and becoming well practiced in many disciplines at the click of a mouse-button. Further thought on this has raised the following realisation: skill will become worthless. Simply by downloading the right data, anyone will be able to fix their own home plumbing, or do their own taxes, or build their own homes, or teach their own kids(hang on - that will become redundant altogether), or hack into bank computers and defraud Bill Gates of sheer billions. I can see the potential for chaos and anarchy. But, hang on - this is the information age, isn't it? Isn't this where we are heading anyway, just in a Fiat Bambina, rather than a McLaren F1? Give it 10 years and the above information will be available to everyone.
This thought throws me into a quandary. For I have been a big proponent of the 'there is no excuse for ignorance' stand. Surely the opposite of ignorance is to be informed (with information). So the more information, the greater and easy we can up-skill. The more skilled we are the more 'stuff' we can do. Having people being able to do more 'stuff' is not necesasrily a good thing. A prison inmate easily learns how to pick a lock, how to elude the pursuing security guards and, having learnt how to make a fake passport, skips the country, wreaking havoc on society elsewhere. Therefore, too much information in the wrong hands is dangerous. But how can we control information in this internet-empowered age, where something about anything is found with a few strokes of a key and a click of a mouse-button? I hope I'm around in ten years time, just so I'm here to prove me wrong.

I'm concerned that I'm writing too much - that my blog is filling faster that readers can empty it. Perhaps you all need a wee while to mull over these last few day's posts. I know I sure do. Enough from me - Goodnight!