Dan’s Online Diary 

# 31.5.03 by Dan
its quite windy today - the washing should dry well.

I haven't been writing very well lately, I fear. Messing up fonts and stuff is fun, but I can't see me doing again it unless I'm really bored.
I'm bored now. Not that the font has anything to do with how well I've been writing.
But I can't be bothered with the font thing.
I should be doing other stuff.
But I can't be bothered doing that, either.
Ah well...

There is lots of traffic up and down our drive this morning. I can hear it, but I don't know where its going to/coming from.
If I could be bothered, I'd go have a look.
This is starting to sound like the dullest blog in the world. But then I guess it would not be a true representation of my thoughts if I were to pretend to be un-dull. So you should all be gratefull that I'm being honest and straight-up with you.
I think its best to stop writing when you have nothing else to say, otherwise you just ramble on and those who are reading get really bored too.

I like vacuuming - its really satisifying to stand back and admire the cleanliness of the floor once I have finished. Cleaning the stainless-steel sink with Jif is also very satisfying for similar reasons.