Dan’s Online Diary 

# 16.5.03 by Dan
The Matrix Reloaded is raw, unrefined, unadulterated, straight-up pure awesomeness. Although it was as I had expected - more of the same - I was really hanging out for more, and more was what I got. In slow-motion high-speed waves of sense-shattering carnage - in thought-warping twists of virtual-reality - the sheer energy that moved this movie was imputed to the audience with effortlessness. I have never been to a movie where the entire theater cringes and 'Owwwwww's when a character takes a hit in a fight scene - nor have I been to a movie where the audience all stand up and clap at the end. It was severely good.
I think I'd have to see it again to pick up some of the more intricate details of the plot, but hey - I'm not going to complain about seeing it twice. Or three times.

busy day.
must away.