Dan’s Online Diary 

# 14.5.03 by Dan
nato has begun comitting his thoughts to the public digital medium of blogspace. His musings may be found here.

On the subject of thoughts... What is the difference between someone saying "I think I'm going to pass this exam", and "I know I'm going to pass this exam"? What is the difference between 'thinking' and 'knowing'? The concept of 'think' as used above has an unsure indecisive air about it. Where as to 'know' implies one is decisively certain. But surely, if it is what we 'think', then it should be no less certain in our own minds than if we are to 'know' it. Are we all so unsure of our thoughts?
However, having thought about this some more, I have come to the realisation that our 'thoughts' need to be tested and proven before they can be classified as 'knowledge'. Once it is filed away in our minds as 'knowledge', we can then 'know' it. Whilst we are still 'thinking' about something, and until we are satisfied that our 'thought' processes have brought us to a logical conclusion, our 'thoughts' cannot be classified as 'knowledge'.
Although this appears to make sense to me, I am not satisified that this concept has been sufficiently explored, and therefore it still remains a 'thought', rather than 'knowledge' itself.

What would be fun, would be to take the above 'thoughts', and then re-evaluate them having introduced the concept of 'knowledge by faith' - where it is possible to 'know' something beyond a doubt, but that 'knowledge' we 'know' is of such infinite mystery that our rational thought processes are unable to evaluate it.

One of our navy's frigates has just pulled up outside our building - its pretty small compared to the cruise ships that park there over summer.

Anyway - to work