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# 22.6.03 by Dan
...is what having a blog is all about. I love having a blog.

[Christchurch Report]
My time in Christchurch was awesome. Went straight from the airport to the office, and posted a blog entry (see previous posting). Unpacked a server, a switch, and a UPS and assembled them ready for installation on Saturday morning. Then I met up with Nato and Dan M and went to a Thai restaurant called 'Thai Thai' (you can't get much more thai than that.) The food was plenty and cheap and rather authentic. You could not go to a Thai restaurant in Auckland and get more than enough food(ie: we couldn't eat it all) for three people for only $22. No way. Talked about the ethics of killing people, not murder, just straight killing. We also found entertainment in the accents of the groups of Americans sitting at an adjacent table. Sorry if you're American, but your accents are cool and funny.
Christchurch has a bus terminal that is more better than some airport terminals I have seen. You sit in a departure lounge, the arriving bus is annouced, and you are directed to the appropriate 'gate' to board your bus. Works really well, and it looks nice too. Sarah J has much more fun and adventure on her bus trips than I do, so I'll simply leave it at - 'We caught the bus to Nathan's place'. I caught up wih the members of Nato's family that I already know, and met for the first time the ones that I didn't know. Nato gave us a good bit of a fire-staff display, with John getting a bit of practice in too. I didn't want to set fire to my clothes, and I wasn't prepared to take them off just to burn myself. But fire is seriously the coolest stuff. I mean what exactly is it? Its just a chemical process that converts fuelish stuff into heat and light - in the coolest way possible. And Matt's apple cider was good..... once he'd managed to get the lid off of it.
Went to work the next morning(Saturday), and got it all done by about 2pm, so I hung out with Kris and Louise unitl I had to fly back to Auckland. It was good to catch up with them again. We went to a local pub for a kinda late lunchy thing (corn fritters with bac0n and avocado), and then we went back to their place. Kris tried to set up Shine TV, but the new aerial splitter split, so the venture was unsuccessful. Kris and Louise are cool - they are the sort of people who, despite having not seen them for months and months, you can just pick straight back up where you left off last time with them. Cora and Amy are growing up, and their third is on the way :)

[Church Newsletter]
Well, its 02:20 on Sunday morning now, and I'm just finishing off the church newsletter. Tomorrow is a big day for the church. Muffy is getting baptised, Carl and Muffy are being accepted into membership, its a communion service, and to top it all off, we're having a shared lunch after the service to commemorate the 2nd birthday of our church. Its all on, I tell you. I am so tired, part of the reason its so late(time, that is), is that I kept falling asleep at the keyboard whilst typing up the hymns. Shocking.

I need a haircut. Or an audition with Oasis.

I are very tired. Photocopying nearly done - just 20 minutes of folding, and then home to bed. Yay - church tomorrow!