Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.7.03 by Dan
I love fire. But I'm not a pyromaniac - maybe more of a pyrophiliac. I have figured out how to build roaring hot fires, of the kind that are so hot you can't get near enough to put more wood on without burning yourself. And thats only using wood - wait till I get me some coal.
Unfortunately, all the convectional heat goes up the chimney, so its only the radiant heat that actually does anything. The immediate vicinity of the fireplace is almost too hot, whilst the rest of the house is still cold.
Perhaps we should get some curtains.

In full Swiss tradition (Michelle is Swiss, for those who were unaware) we are having a cheese fondue tonight at Michelle's parent's place. I love Swiss food and stuff. In fact, I love Switzerland - I could live there easily.
We spent 10 days there in July of last year - their summer. I'd love to go back there in winter and get into some skiing. A white Christmas would be nice, too.

[Farewell]- (three 'F's)
Anyway - the end of my working day has passed, so I shouldn't really hang around here much longer, or I'll get roped into helping someone. Take care, and you all have a great weekend!