Dan’s Online Diary 

# 31.7.03 by Dan
[In response to yesterday's comments]
Yes, I must agree with you Anita - just after writing that post I had a quick look and did discover that Tainui had made a 8.3 million profit, so I must correct myself there also, but I believe the generalisation still holds.

However, 'we' didn't trick them out of 'their' land. Myself, Dan Willis, did not trick any other living Maori person out of any land. Nor has the current Government tricked any living Maori out of any land.
We must must must must get away from the history that none of us had any hand in shaping, and focus on the future, where we can take steps to create a harmonious society.
One big step would be to honour the Treaty as a document intended to be conducive to the uniting of our society, and stop using it to create rifts and dissention.

The unecessary time and countless millions of dollars that has been wasted by both parties in attempts to settle petty claims and disputes is just ridiculous.