Dan’s Online Diary 

# 22.7.03 by Dan
[A Stuck Truck]
For your viewing pleasure, one truck, with its load squarely jammed beneath the pedestrian overpass that spans Albert St, connecting my building (PwC Tower) with the Downtown Shopping Centre.
A nice little incident to keep our Tuesday morning from being boring.

Despite the fact I initially thought it was a tower crane several blocks away dropping its massive load from an unimaginable height, the homeless chap you can see sitting on his seat (in the top photo)didn't even move, and was asleep again in a matter of minutes.
I can hardly begin to imagine the great feeling of immense stupidty that must have overwhelmed the truck driver the instant his eardrums were shattered by the horrifically percussive grinding sound of concrete against concrete at 50kmph (or possibly more).
Oh well, I don't think any of us can pass through this life without being painted by at least one stroke of the idiot brush.
I know I have been.

[The Briefness]
I know you're probably all becoming bored, disillusioned, sad, disgusted, lonely, hungry (or all of the above) with the the increasing briefness of my blog posts.
And its such a shame that all I can post is the misfortune of another (regardless of how entertaining it was for hundreds of passers-by).
Oh well - shall we just call this a 'lull', and hope that it will pass?