Dan’s Online Diary 

# 14.7.03 by Dan
[The Weekend...]
...was pretty ordinary. House work on Saturday morning, and then went to help out at Covenant Presbyterian's new Preschool Centre. It is almost completed. I spent the afternoon re-terminating and testing data points that my brother had previously wired up wrong.
We'd recently been having trouble with our burglar alarm at home - it had been losing mains power periodically, for seemingly no reason. No breakers were tripping or anything like that. But what had happened is the installer had inadvertantly hooked the alarm power supply up to the hot water heater supply, which can be switched on and off remotely by the electricity supplier. So he came back to resolve that on Saturday evening, and then we went out to dinner for Michelle's mum's birthday.
This is all boring trivia.

...is definitely Monday. Very cold outside. Lovely sun and cloudless sky, but bitterly cold (for Auckland, anyway). There is one of those big clock/thermometer things on the side of the motorway as you're coming in to town, and this morning at 7:15, it was reading zero degrees C - the lowest I've seen it.
Again, boring trivia