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# 25.8.03 by Dan
Well, I must say, I thought that taking a week off work would have provided me with more blogging opportunities, but alas, the opposite prevailed.
It is highly likely that this has been the longest break in the 8 month history of my blog.
Oh well. I guess a rest is as good as a change, to use the other side of the coined phrase.

[Our week off]
On Sunday afternoon, we went down to Rotorua and just mucked around - looking through shops, walking in the Redwoods etc.
Came back home on Tuesday - prepared to do some painting on Wednesday, and painted Thursday, Friday Saturday. Our hallway is now yellow, like most of the rest of the house, rather that the nasty darkish orange that it used to be. Nothing exciting at all, really.
We all went out to dinner for Muffy's 25th birthday on Friday night. We had a great time - its always good to catch up with people.

[Hot Stuff...]
Muffy's bike caught fire and burned good and proper last week. He was riding through town, looked down, and saw flames. So he parked up in the St Patrick's Cathedral carpark, and went for a fire extinguisher. Not finding an extinguisher, and seeing that the flames were getting pretty big, he called for a fire engine.
It got so hot that the alloy frame melted, and the cobbles it was parked on began to split and crack.
Insurance rocks.
I would have paid money to see it, too.

Adding up numbers is very uplifting