Dan’s Online Diary 

# 2.9.03 by Dan
...don't seem to work here.
I guess its understandable that the comments system isn't the best conversational tool, but I'm beginning to think that Muffy was right when he said that discussing Christian doctrine/principles/etc in the public domain isn't particularly helpful, especially if it makes us look like a bunch of bickering, self-focused something-or-others.
I'll still post my opinions, and feel free to comment, but maybe if we come across an issue that requires further discussion, you should let me know and I'll invite you all around for dinner one night, and we can discuss it properly. Dunno - whaddaya think?

- I've lost a little weight already - 2 kilos since last Wednesday.
- I've been a bit lacking in the poetry department, of late.
- Got my bike back on the road over the weekend. Now I just need to ride it.
- Aquired another box of Liquorice Spice tea. Its the best.