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# 18.9.03 by Dan
[Good Stuff]
From time to time I've glanced at Jason Kottke's blog. I took a little bit more time to look through it this morning.
Its really good. I like his work, and I'd like to steal his mandate:
Jason Kottke designs, codes, and writes for the web live from New York City, with a special interest in clear, simple, user-centered design, microcontent, and the writable web.
Clear, simple and user-centred are like the most important aspects of web design and presentation.
I wanna design like him when I grow up.

[Disinterest, Dissatisfaction, Dischord, etc]
By the end of this year I will have spent three(3) years as a Lotus Notes Administrator for a multinational accounting firm with a very long name.
I consider it amazing that I got this job in the first place. It was the first job I found in the paper, and the first job I was interviewed for. I had only 12 months part-time experience with Lotus Notes, and no qualifications whatsoever. It all seemed too easy.
A blessing, without a doubt.
But now, I have well and truly settled in. The challenges are becoming less frequent. The opportunities for creative release are too few.
I wanna do more cooler stuff.
I wanna help people make their web stuff look good and work fast.
I don't wanna deal with complaining users who, through their own foolishness, are daily receiving hundreds of spam messages and expect me to be able to do something about it.


By-the-way, you should be pleased to know that this blog will now look the same whether you're using IE or a Netscape-based browser.
(Such as the totally awesome Mozilla Firebird)

[Soups of Yesterday and Today]
Today's soup doesn't have a picture. It is Maggi's Creamy Vegetable Soup for a Cup.

Yesterday's soup: