Dan’s Online Diary 

# 11.9.03 by Dan
[Midnight Club II - PS2] Played a bit of Midnight Club II last night. I'm at the second-to-last level in Career mode and its pretty nigh impossible. I can get to within 5 seconds of first place, but no further, it seems.
I'm not going to use any cheats until I've completed Career mode, and I've won all the bonus police cars in Arcade mode.

Cheats are for cheats.

[Blog Template]
I'm cooking up a new blog template. I might even do what chud has done, and implement a template chooser, so you can pick whichever one you like.

['Stolen' Car]
I sold my 1200 coupe to a friend a couple of years back, and some other jerk came across a photo of it, and decided to post it up on ratemyride.co.nz, passing it off as his car.
Pure unasham-ed thievery.
I had to post in in my friend's defence, since there was a fairly heated debate over who actually owned it. No response from the thief since.