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# 3.9.03 by Dan
[Utter Rubbish]
I read this in the NZ Herald today.
I'm not doubting the fact that the Y chromosome now only has 41 active genes - down from 1438. Although, if this is a fact that 'Professor' Jenny Graves has determined herself, then perhaps I should doubt it, based on her statement in the last two paragraphs of the article.
"The Y was likely to vanish altogether in about eight million years, but she reassured men that another sex-determining gene would develop elsewhere.
"Evolution will find another way. Don't worry about it," she said."
How, in the light of everything in the universe around her, can she give us any reassurance whatsoever that another sex-determining gene will develop anywhere else but in her dreams??
As a geneticist she must have surely observed that, across the board, the genetic makeup of all living things is deteriorating. I mean, hello - hasn't she only just stated that the Y chromosome has degenerated such that it now contains less than 3% of its original active genes?
I would really love for 'Professor' Jenny Graves to provide me with one single indicator of the fact that another gene will(not 'might' - 'will') develop, sex-determining or otherwise.
Its a pure, simple, rational, observable fact that everything is turning to crap, rather than evolving from crap.
Whats more, Scripture backs it up.

In order for something to evolve, the information for that evolution must already exist, right now. So where is the information? I maintain that the only place this information can be found is in the blinded minds of humanists who make science their religion - who make evolution their Saviour.

Look around you people, its all turning to crap, and there is stuff all you can do about it.
Look to Him who offers you the real eternal life - a life not found in creation itself, but rather in the Creator - in Him who wrote the genetic code before you were even a twinkle in Adam & Eve's eyes - Him who breathed your very life into you.


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