Dan’s Online Diary 

# 8.9.03 by Dan
[The Weekend]
We spent the weekend up north (Tutukaka) with Michelle's family.
It was grouse.
Despite the blustery weather, it always seemed to be fine when we wanted to do outdoorsy stuff.
A weekend is not enough.

Sometimes I get all self-absorbed and am more than happy to just go do my own thing.
Maybe thats why I like this so much.
I'm not sure it is good, however.
Scotty tried it the other weekend, and ended up not doing it. ie: his mountain-range solitude was shared with drunk people and a youth group.
Introspection is a bit like self-pity, in that we all enjoy it, and even seek after it.
And I'm not sure if it is as necessary as it is enjoyable.

You tend forget about the other stuff - especially other people and most especially, you tend to forget about God.
It is an indulgence, I guess. In much the same way as we might occasionally eat a whole packet of sweets by ourself, or a whole block of chocolate, we often sit down and think about ourselves for a bit, and then afterwards feel guilty, and slightly ill.

I dunno.

Notice this is still under the [The Weekend] heading?
And I'm rambling.
Not quite so aimless rambling, and it does bear some significance to the heading.
At least in my head.

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