Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.11.03 by Dan
This article reports on the opening of a controversial mosque in Christchurch.

Is the government happy to support a religion that, by its own teaching, is openly hostile, to the point of murder, towards anyone who is not of their faith?

A Pakistani friend of of mine is(was) a pastor in Pakistan, who ran a Christian bible college teaching Pakistani Christians how to evangelise. When the Muslim authorites turned up with guns to kill him, and were only driven away by gunfire returned by his mates up on the balcony, the church decided he should leave the country for a time.
He is currently in NZ, but repeated applications to the NZ immigration authorities to allow his wife and daughter to join him have been refused.

So, you see, we have a government who funds Muslim churches, yet refuses to allow a Christian family to be united in safety.

My friend is very active in the local Pakistani community, and according to his reckoning and given the fact that the population is in decline, and that an increasing number of immigrants in NZ are Muslim, in 50 years time, New Zealand could potentially have a Muslim majority.

Not a pretty thought.