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# 17.11.03 by Dan
[Welfare and CYF]
The following is a quote from "Michael Bassett: Money won't cure cycle of child abuse"
Over the past decade the problems have grown to such an extent that the police cannot contain the fall-out from what the domestic purposes benefit, plus too-readily available sickness and unemployment benefits, are doing to society.

All people, even the stupid, respond to incentives. Pay them to breed, then advertise your willingness to accept responsibility for their fecklessness, and they will produce more children.
Sure, there will always be a need for welfare benefits, and sure, there will always be child abuse. But the government needs to act to reduce these, instead of exacerbating the issue, as they are doing now.

Had an excellent weekend.
Bible Society Touch Tournament - Waiwera hot pools - (don't mention the rugby) - Sunday morning worship - lunch with family - sunny walk around Panmure basin - lying on the grass, sipping Vanilla Frappacino, listening to Bob Marley - late afternoon nap - evening with parents-in-law.
All most enjoyable.

How was your weekend?