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# 21.11.03 by Dan
[The White Lies]
This is prolly old news, but anyway...
The White Stripes - you know the brother-and-sister band that dress in red and white?
Jack and Meg White are, in fact, John Gillis and Megan White.
John and Megan married in 1996, and John took Megan's last name. But within a couple of years they divorced, with the band remaining intact.
Interesting piece of music triva for you.

[A recommendation...]
I can highly recommend walking around.
Walking around in the city is okay, walking around in the suburbs is better, and walking around in unadulterated creation is even more better.

[A thought...]
Would people still steal if they:
a) knew that 'the stealee' was no more happy or satisfied with life than they, 'the stealer'?
b) knew that the goods that they were stealing would leave them feeling even more empty and frustrated than before?