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# 3.2.04 by Dan
A group of British schoolchildren were asked what they thought of some good old classic rock.
Here are their thoughts.[via Jason Kottke]

This Sunday afternoon we have a 30th birthday, a 30th wedding anniversary, an 80th birthday, a triathalon, and something else that I can't remember. We simply can't do everything.

It is only because of the laws of physics(optics) that we need two eyes to perceive depth. These laws cannot be changed, so we're stuck with two eyes.
Its very difficult to think outside this concept, as I discovered in an argument/debate this morning with my fellow commuters. At its height, the discussion consisted of statements such as '...now if we were made of superglue, and the earth was made of cheese...'.
But seriously, we simply cannot imagine anything beyond what we know when it comes to reality such as this.
Or maybe I just haven't interacted with enough hallucinogenic substances.