Dan’s Online Diary 

# 15.3.04 by Dan
    Here is a list of cameras I have:
  • Canon s50
  • Agfa Jsolette bellows 120
  • Kodak Retina III viewfinder
  • a 35mm AF compact with zoom - I lent it to my brother or sister years ago, and I can't even remember what brand it is.

    Here is a list of cameras I would like to have:
  • Cosina CX-2 (with the CX-M underwater case would be nice)
  • Olympus XA and/or XA-4 macro (nice 28mm lens)
  • Lomo LC-A (cleverly marketed, hence over-priced, but still a very unique camera)
  • Minox 35 (GT or GL or whatever)
  • Kiev 35A
  • a cheap medium format colour of some description
  • Pentax K1000 (or similar) with an assortment of lenses and filters
  • Canon EOS 300D