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# 14.5.04 by Dan
I read in an article from today's NZ Herald, that a US senator has debunked the statement by Helen Clark in which she claimed that Don Brash had told five US Senators that, if he had his way, the ban on nuclear warships in NZ would be gone "by lunchtime".

I think that our Prime Minister is becoming too big for her boots. Firstly, what Brash said in his meeting with the US congressmen was classified information, and should not have been publically released. Secondly, Helen Clark, took the liberty of 'sexing it up', to the point where, if the information in the Herald article is correct, it does not reflect what Brash intended at all.
The article reports Brash as having said "... he favoured keeping the ban on nuclear weapons. If there was a way of retaining an effective ban on nuclear-propelled ships while resolving the 20-year impasse with the US, that would be good."
This is not gone "by lunchtime".

The neither 'right', nor 'honourable' Helen Davis Clark has become childish, petty, manipulative, greedy, and in recent times, desperate. It is a good thing that New Zealanders are beginning to recognise this, and the polls are not in her favour.

However, I think the bigger issue is this. The purpose of a government is to serve the people - not to lead, or rule them. Each little piece of legislation that has been passed in recent times is effectively increasing the power of the government. Power corrupts. So, in these times, I feel that anyone holding the position of Prime Minister today would find it very difficult to remain uncorrupted.
People, we need to vote for a government that will take a step back, and return to people their rightful responsibilites.
The government does not know what is best. They are a bunch of meddling, bickering, greedy people with too much power. Don't let them tell you what to do.

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