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# 30.6.04 by Dan
... you don't follow this link, that means the terrorists have already won.

# 28.6.04 by Dan
I'd love to talk with you regarding your open letter to Him.
Please call me on +64 21 168 2108.

Kindest Regards,

Dan Willis.

What's the bet he'll actually read this post?

# 24.6.04 by Dan
Its an interesting experience, one I have the pleasure (or otherwise) of undergoing nearly every evening.
Its that period of time just after you get into bed, when your body begins to relax.
Your eyes are half open and the rods in your retina reproduce a dim grainy image of the hallway and bathroom door, lambently lit by an outside light - filtered and softened by the frosted bathroom window.
And in apparent inverse reciprocation to the winding down of your body, your mind begins an increasingly intensive review of the day that has just been. Problems in software are addressed and solved in a million different ways... strategies and solutions which were previously murky, wavy and unclear suddenly snap into brilliant sharp focus, and as the mind-spidering just goes on and on, the events of the last 24 hours all interconnect, each providing insight and forward motion to the other. And it builds and spins faster, until it goes beyond useful thought - the images become surreal - and still your mind just keeps winding up, faster and faster until in just a single clock cycle it hits you - Bamm! ....you're asleep.

And you awake the next morning knowing that last night, after you tucked yourself in, you solved all the problems of the world.
And you're totally gutted, knowing that the system shut down before you could save your work. You search for the .tmp files, but the folder is empty.

# 17.6.04 by Dan
Sorry about the thin-on-the-ground postage of late.

New job is hot.
More postage praps this evahnink.

# 15.6.04 by Dan
I gotz a email at 16:16 yestereve to tells me I gotz the jeorb at TVNZ!
I start today - woohoo!

I spent pizza and playstation last night with Muffy - it was good to catch up. We've both been busy - Muffy and Adele are preparing for their wedding, so they've been a little scarce, of late. Ah well - things do change.

Anyway - better get ready for my first day of work!!!

Peace out...

# 9.6.04 by Dan
I have a job interview at midday today - Yay!
Its just a two week contract coding HTML for TVNZ, but it sounds exciting and may lead to further work. I have it on fairly good authority that I may be the only applicant, so it is looking rather positive.
The only downside is that it starts this Monday, and I have a final research report to prepare, and a pair of exams to sit over that time - so my evenings will be rather full.

I'll let you all know how the interview went praps later today.

Interview went well - I want the job.
The first few days will have a steep learning curve, as I familiarise myself with a commercial implementation of XSL/XSLT. The work environment is great, and if I prove myself useful, they may have further work for me. It's just the sort of work I'd love to get into, so I hope I do get the job.

Found some goodness here at Altova.

# 8.6.04 by Dan
It was super great to catch up with some good friends in Christchurch this weekend. It is encouraging to see people grow.
Christchurch is a most excellent city - since I'm already looking for a job, I'm tempted to extend my search to include Christchurch.
However, I think Auckland is the place to be for now, especially since we have a child on the way, and the necessity for being in close proximity to parents is rather great.

It really is farcical to witness the red-in-the-face, spitting-in-your-face, failing-to-save-face responses to the front-page article in Saturday's NZ Herald. I am referring to this article from Monday's Herald, and these responses from a number of readers in today's Herald.
Most of the people who have expressed their opposition to Bishop Vercoe's statements have apparently done so in a knee-jerk, reactionary fashion and some, it seems have made little-to-no reference to the original article, and have simply taken the opportunity to leap up on their soap-box, and sing their same old song, at the top of their lungs, hoping to drown out the voice of reason.
Words like 'homophobia' have been directed at Bishop Vercoe. A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear. Bishop Vercoe shows neither fear, nor irrationality.
The Bible, which just so happens to be the foundation document of Christianity, states in no uncertain terms (unless you're especially creative with your interpretation) that God is not pleased with homosexual behaviour. New Zealand's most senior representative of a Christian denomination would be a liar to advocate that which is plainly written against in the Bible. What do these people expect?
Also, its not as if Bishop Vercoe has the authority to dictate over the life of those in opposition to his statements. If you don't like what he says, or what he stands for, then stay away from the Anglican church - its that easy!
Witi Ihimaera issues a poorly conceived statement. One Herald reader picks up on this in her response as published yesteryear:
Maori author Witi Ihimaera, who is gay, said he was extremely saddened by Archbishop Vercoe's views: 'They were the sort of comments I would have expected to hear coming out of Noah's waka, and not from the head of the Anglican Church in New Zealand.
If the pairs of animals coming out of Noah's Ark were of the same sex, we would have been a bit stuck breeding subsequent generations. The archbishop's comments would have been quite in order after the Flood. - Jenny McKechnie, Hillsborough.
If you take a step back, I think you'll see that the pro-homosexual movement are far from being an oppressed minority. I would venture to suggest, based on my observations, that it is they who are the oppressors - forcing their agenda into politics, education, health, and many other areas of our society, but violently opposing anyone who dares question them. Now tell me who is acting irrationally and in fear?

Ah well, it will all come out in the fire wash, I guess.

# 3.6.04 by Dan
As is patently obvious, my blog has a new template.
If you've seen the movie, you'll recognise the theme instantly, so there's really no point in me asking you to guess the inspiration for this current manifestation of my blog.
I'm thinking of making a few different templates, and having a style switcher, a la Richard & Co.. Do you think that would be cool?

Michelle and I are off to Christchurch this evening to use up some airpoints, and to catch up with some friends. It will be good to take a wee breather before facing my final exams.
The regular Saturday night Bible study (STEPS) is still on, and its still at our place, despite our absence.

May not get to blog until Monday or Tuesday, so you all have a great weekend.