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# 9.6.04 by Dan
I have a job interview at midday today - Yay!
Its just a two week contract coding HTML for TVNZ, but it sounds exciting and may lead to further work. I have it on fairly good authority that I may be the only applicant, so it is looking rather positive.
The only downside is that it starts this Monday, and I have a final research report to prepare, and a pair of exams to sit over that time - so my evenings will be rather full.

I'll let you all know how the interview went praps later today.

Interview went well - I want the job.
The first few days will have a steep learning curve, as I familiarise myself with a commercial implementation of XSL/XSLT. The work environment is great, and if I prove myself useful, they may have further work for me. It's just the sort of work I'd love to get into, so I hope I do get the job.

Found some goodness here at Altova.