Dan’s Online Diary 

# 22.7.04 by Dan
The title of this post really is misleading, as I am actually intending to draw attention to the fact that there has been a distinct lack of cool stuff on this blog. So much cool stuff has been happening outside this blog, and yet somehow, this blog (and by association, its readers (that means you!)) has not been party to this cool stuff. So, here follows a short summary of extrablogial cool stuff:
  • Michelle's pregnancy is going well - the 20 week scan shows that our child has all his/her arms, legs, fingers and toes, and thathis/her internal organs are all present and accounted for. I can place my hand on Michelle's belly and feel the kicks, and I already love our child so much.
  • My final marks for the two papers I sat this semester were an 'A-' and a 'B'. Now why couldn't I have got marks like that when I furst started? I'm still awaiting the final result of my research project.
  • The two week contract I took at tvnz is now in its 6th week, and there is at least one more week of work, with the possibility of more permanent employment, pending discussion with my boss.
Things are going great, and I wish to attribute this to the grace, mercy and providence of the Lord. He is so faithful. I pray that you too might experience His blessing and favour. As an aside, these are incredibly cute, original, and so much fun!