Dan’s Online Diary 

# 28.7.04 by Dan
Everything is meaningless.
I bought some shampoo yesterday. Alberto VO5 Advanced Volume Boost. I've used the previous version of this product before - my hair is rather straight and fine, so it needs a bit of a boost.
A closer inspection of the packaging reveals that 'tests show that combined use of VO5 shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair twice as shiny, twice and strong and 3 times more manageable with 24 hour moisture protection'.
Twice as shiny as what? A mirror? The top of a bald man's head? What if I had been using the equivalent product of another brand - would it still make my hair twice as shiny?
Twice as strong as what? Piano wire?
Three times more managable that what? A first-division soccer team? A herd of cats?
As I've quite probably mentioned at least once before, my cynicism alarm goes to full alert as soon as I read 'tests show...' or 'studies show...' or 'statistics prove...'.
Some people out there must think that most other people are really stupid.

I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the performance of my shampoo, but why the irrelevant, ambiguous packaging? It just makes them look dumb.

Some people need a job. Daniel needs a job.
If you have a job for me - please let me know.