Dan’s Online Diary 

# 31.8.04 by Dan
Well - this week is find-a-job week.

I've been going to BSF for the past two weeks. Its jolly good.
It is very organised, and the discussion groups are really good.

I'm looking on trademe.co.nz for a BMX. BMXs are cool.

I'm at home trying to get some overdue webpages completed for various peoples.

Sorry about the disjointed collection of stuff - I'm trying to get the hang of this blogging thing again - its been a while. :)

Well, thats enough for now - I don't want to overdo it.

# 19.8.04 by Dan
I've been without regular internet contact for so long now. Two weeks.
Now that I have a whole day to scour the internet for jobs, I find I just don't know what to do with it.

Physical labour is great.
I think the intention of our Creator was for us to do physical work, rather than working by sitting on our bums pushing a mouse around a desk.
What do you think?

Anyway - I have work to do and a job to find. That sounds wrong, I know, but its the truth.


# 12.8.04 by Dan
Friday was my last day at tvnz. Squeezing eight weeks out of a two week contract is pretty good, really.
I have been working this week for a friend of mine who is a builder - we've been stripping three floors of an office building. Demolition work is so much fun. We've made a few video clips of us punching/kicking/jumping through walls. Its great.
I've taken today off to look for a job - but I have a major headache and am finding it hard to concentrate.
Ah well.

# 5.8.04 by Dan
Its not that I've been too busy or anything. And its not that I don't love you all.
But I'm really not sure why my blogging has become less frequent.

Things are going great.
Michelle's tummy is getting bigger - and you can see the movement of the baby. It is really exciting! Sometimes the kicks are quite rythmic - its so cool!
I'm still still at tvnz. I'm responsible for the highlights on the navigation bars. I'm also responsible for the fact that there will be captions on images in the the story pages, but that hasn't gone live yet.

I have lots of things I need to do for lots of people. I need to make a list.

Oh, and remember my post on rights and responsibilities? Garth George has something similar to say.