Dan’s Online Diary 

# 20.10.04 by Dan
There were two fifty-cent pieces and a one-dollar coin in my pocket.
Yesterday, they miraculously disappeared and rematerialised a few seconds later as a delicious chocolate chip cookie. A cookie remarkably similar to those sold from the vending machine at work. In fact, it was so similar as to be identical.

Bizarre incidents such as this occur quite frequently, with an empty space on my desk suddenly being replaced with a strong, hot, cup of steaming black coffee. Or sandwiches mysteriously disappearing from my lunch bag around lunchtime, accompanied by a satiating of any hunger I may have.
The words and colours displayed on my computer monitor change repeatedly throughout the day.
And I can move from one environment to another, simply by moving my legs. It is as if everything were being rotated about the point which is my feet.

My existence is saturated with endless wonders.