Dan’s Online Diary 

# 10.12.04 by Dan

Can you BILLieve it? it ACTually passed the vote.

The Civil Unions Bill is now law. So so silly. I would have prefered that either there were no legislation such as this, or that this new act actually granted all people equal rights. This new legislation actual creates further and greater discrimination and inequality of human rights by facilitation of unions that aren't quite marriage.

It is only a matter of time before we have to go through this whole laboured process again when the new Civil Unions Act is amended to correct the fact that it discriminates against same-sex couples by allowing a heterosexual couple to convert their civil union to a full-blown marriage after three years. A blatant and foolish clause that is merely fuel for the discrimination fire.

This bill/act has done nothing but provoke conflict, and I fail to see how it actually benefits anyone, same-sex or otherwise.

If the majority of people in NZ want provision for same-sex marriage, then they'll call for it. After all, this is a democracy, isn't it? Why be sneaky, underhanded, ambiguous and unhelpful?

We're going to legislate ourselves to death one of these days. A group of tourists will get off an international flight and gaze in wonder at a country void of people, populated only with piles and piles of legislation lying around in great heaps. A plaque will read something like "In loving memory of a people who were so devoid of responsibility, humility, dignity, and love, that they simply sat there and swallowed whatever they were fed, leading to hemorrhage, massive internal bleating, and subsequent death."

This is not a milestone. It's close, only one letter out - try 'millstone'.