Dan’s Online Diary 

# 21.12.04 by Dan

I know it has been over a week. I blame the stupid Christmas season. And the weather. This damned wind is driving me insane. And hail, people!! Piles of fallen ice that sit in my garden for over four hours! In summer!!! I'm half expecting the clouds to part to reveal Christ descending.
Is this ill gale a warning, or even judgement, on the people of this land who, at best, turn a blind eye to the God-hating path this country has started down? Or is it simply that this wicked wind has wrought its apocalypticism upon my mind?
Merry Christmas.

This is an article regarding a fatal crossbow shooting in Christchurch. Despite the fact it was the first crossbow incident of its kind that the Police weapons licencing and vetting manager had seen in his six years on the job, NZ First MP Ron Mark jumps up and calls for legislation.
No wonder our taxes are so high - half of our government's resources are consumed by half-assed legislation dreamed up on a whim, and the other half by Social Welfare.
Is there any part of out life that isn't directed by legislation? It would almost be tolerable, but for the fact that it is legislation of the most crappest quality. Read this article on the Foreshore and Seabed Act; just nineteen days after it was rushed through parliament, they have had to "fix an unintended consequence of the legislation that would have nationalised all council-owned land reclaimed from the sea.".
What a bunch of bumbling meddling monkeys.