Dan’s Online Diary 

# 26.1.05 by Dan

Well, its been a while since my last post.

Toby's been smiling more, and has started talking in his own soft language. He is is adorable. I'm yet to upload any recent photos - apologies for that. My dial-up connection isn't ideal.

All sorts of exciting things are happening. I'll have to tell you about them one day.

Update: Here are the most recent photos of Toby.

# 18.1.05 by Dan

Why, after chewing minty gum, does cold water taste even colder?

I may be uploading some more recent photos of Toby this evening. They'll appear on my Flickr page.

# 12.1.05 by Dan

This blog is two years old tomorrow.

Had a quick walk down memory lane; randomly sampled my archive pages. Some weird and scary stuff there. Many of the posts were a lot more open than those of the last six months or so. What does this mean?

I recounted many things that I had forgotten. Its handy to have a record of my thoughts in some ways. I can better realise how I have changed and/or grown.

# 11.1.05 by Dan

I have not yet dropped from the face of the earth.

The Coromandel was great! The sea is noticably colder than usual due to the unseasonably poor weather we've been experiencing of late. I went for a kayak with my father-in-law; possibly the most enjoyable event of my time there.

Our time in Christchurch was great also. This was Toby's first flight in an aeroplane; he enjoyed it! It was great to catch up with some good friends, and relatives.

Getting about takes just that little bit longer when one has a child. Contrary to what I would have thought, this tends to make things a little more relaxed, but is also an opportunity to exercise and perfect ones organisational skills.

I've developed a greater awareness of website usability, so it was quite interesting to discover that there is a New Zealand company who specialises in just that: Optimal Usability. Groovy.

I'm bound to have more stuff to say soon. Until then — take care!