Dan’s Online Diary 

# 22.2.05 by Dan

I have set myself a few personal goals: To reach and maintain a weight of 85kgs (or thereabouts), and to achieve and maintain a healthy level of fitness.

Today I reached a milestone on my way to reaching those goals; I ran my usual route in a solid 40 minutes without stopping or walking. Running non-stop for 40 minutes. I surprised myself.

Tomorrow evening some of us are going to run up and down Rangitoto. I was not sure how well I'd do, but today's run has really boosted my confidence.

In other news, Scotty has bought an Alfa 155; they are hot! Jono has bought Scotty's 33, and I've added them both to The Alfablog, so they can share their Alfa experiences with you all.

Well, its good to write another post; I hope the next one is not too far away!