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# 18.4.05 by Michelle

Hey there everyone, I have no idea how to blog but thought I should give it a go.... so here I am taking over dans blog.... Not really.

We just had a weekend in Rotorua with the family and took part in the Xterra Triathlon. I don't think any of us realised how serious it would be. Thought it would more of a family fun thing. It was fun for our family but we didn't beat any records. Mum did the 1000m swim in the freezing blue lake, Dan did the 30km mountain bike ride (which I heard was one of the toughest tracks out there -even Hamish Carter found it challenging!) and Corina ran the 11km run (she did very well even though she wasn't allowed to finish). Simon Mac, Dad and I ran the 11km run in the morning - not part of triathlon. Maybe next year we'll actually do a bit of training for it and beat Hamish!

I start my part time job this Wednesday. I am very scared leaving Toby for two whole days. I think I might miss him quite a bit, but the job is pretty perfect for me and it will be good to get my brain working again. I am working for company called AV Events and helping them with Business Development. Very similar to my job at the Carlton except only part time. Most of the people working there are Christians which is most awesome and I can work from home sometimes too.

So we found out that Toby likes ice-cream (how could he not being half Michelle!) So I am quite pleased. I just hope plunket don't read this as I am not supposed to feed him icecream until he is at least 1....

Have a great week guys.

Toby's first icecream

# 8.4.05 by Dan

I know this may not be relevant to all of you, but if you have a Telecom Jetstream connection, the chances are that you're not getting what you're paying for. Read this TUANZ article to find out more.

# 5.4.05 by Dan

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