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# 27.5.05 by Dan

Carl be getting the blog on right here.


# 25.5.05 by Dan

<p>This time, Im blogging not from my phone, but from a standard email address.</p><p>Sorry about the boring stuff Im just playing around.</p>

# 24.5.05 by Dan

Blogging from my mobile phone: I can't remember if this works

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# 12.5.05 by Michelle

So, off I go to my first lecture at Grace Theological College on 'Women in the Bible'. I learnt tonight about the role of woman as a helper, about evangelical feminists and complementarians. I (re)learnt how the man has headship and authority over his wife, how we are created equal as male and female but have very distinct and different roles, Genesis Chapters 1 - 3 were discussed in detail.

Now this is very cool. I know all this in my head. But, the worrying thing is that before I left tonight to go to the lecture, I wrote up a list of things for my husband to complete. I told him he had to complete three things tonight. Feeling rather guilty at the lecture I had to examine my heart, was I helping him or was I leading him? I then realised that the list of things he had to do were responsibilities he had to fulfil - one for church, one for work and one for our household. They were all things he had a leadership role in, so I figured I was helping him lead. Does that make sense? Was it the right thing to do? Considering that if I hadn't helped him lead, then he may well have forgotten to lead. Or is it a chicken and egg thing? Does he need to lead first so I can help or do I need to help so he can lead? Now I am very confused. I will stop here.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

# 11.5.05 by Dan
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# 10.5.05 by Dan

This evening I graduate from a course that I started in 1995.

I'm very glad that I decided to finish my degree; ten years late is infinitely better than never

Much has changed since 1995: our home PC was a 486 (DX, even), we'd only just gotten a dial-up account and I was spending more time on BBSs than on the internet. The content of the most recent papers I've studied (2004) covered things we could have only dreamed about in our first year of the course.

My career has entailed both PC support and more recently, web development; things are only getting more exciting.

Anyway, this is the end of an era for myself. I can say "Good bye!" to the cloud that has been hanging over my head for the past decade and step into the world anew, as a qualified engineer.

Thank you, and good-day.

# 4.5.05 by Dan

How're things?

I been busy. Was on the telly, even.

Going away this weekend. Big long drive. Catch up with some family.

I'm on the brink of a new blog template. But don't hold your breath.

Off to work now. Take it easy.

God Bless.