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# 26.6.05 by Dan


Right now we are in Singapore airport, waiting for the next leg of our journey to Zurich.

Toby was a little over-tired for the first few hours of the flight, and was rather noisy and grizzly. Thankfully he slept for the rest of the leg, and we could relax - 'we' being Michelle and I, and the dozen or so passengers in our immediate vicinity!

Well, Hope you're all having a great sleep (those of you in New Zealand, anyway!

Talk to you again from Zurich!

# 24.6.05 by Dan

Tomorrow we fly out for Switzerland! Yay!

I'll try and blog while we're over there, and I'm taking my Canon, so will try and upload some photos, too!

Look after the place for us while we're gone, won't you?

# 22.6.05 by Dan

Jono is blogging again.

After a long absence, Jono is back posting again - with a new template and some new posts that are well worth reading.

# 21.6.05 by Dan

TradeMe are now offering the listing of property sales/auctions online.

It costs $49.95 to list a property - very nice to use.

# 15.6.05 by Michelle

I am sick of people and various media giving a message that you should have safe sex to insure that you don't get pregnant. Direct or indirect. That is what is being told to us over and over. Aren't you supposed to have safe sex so that you don't get diseases? Is pregnancy a disease?

So, I am looking up statistics and come across this information on abortions. Have you ever read this? Here is what our law states: The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act, as summarised by www.soul.org.nz.

Abortion is legal, when performed by a doctor, if:

  • your life, or mental or physical health is in serious danger from carrying on the pregnancy
  • there is a great risk that the baby would be severely physically or mentally handicapped
  • your pregnancy is the result of incest
  • you are under the legal care or protection of the man who fathered your child
  • you are severely mentally handicapped

Your age, or whether the pregnancy is the result of rape, can also be considered if your life, or mental or physical health is in serious danger from continuing the pregnancy.

And do you know that 98% of abortions that take place are using the reason that their mental health is in serious danger!. Do you know that when an abortion takes place woman must go for counselling? Do you know that many women who have abortions have serious mental problems after they abort but didn't have any before? Did you know that the suicide rate among women who have had abortions is high? All scary facts. Here are some more:

  • Annual Total of New Zealand Abortions in 1999: 15,501 (much much higher now around 18,000 last year I think)
  • Percentage performed 8wks gestation onwards in 1999: 95%
  • Ages of women having abortions in 1999:
    • 20-24 .......... 28.9%
    • 25-29 .......... 22.2%
    • 15-19 .......... 18.3%
    • 30-34 .......... 15.7%
    • 35-39 .......... 10.6%
    • 40-44 .......... 3.6%
    • 12-14 .......... 0.4%
    • 45 + ............ 0.3%
    That means 50% of women having abortions are between the ages of 20 - 30. Ok?

And some more facts - worldwide (www.abortionfacts.com): Approximately 22 million legal abortions were reported in 1987. That is only legal ones....

Have you ever seen photos or video of an abortion taking place when they rip off the limbs from a baby that is 20 weeks old (half way through pregnancy) and see the baby screaming inside the womb. I have. It is so horrible.

So many questions...

All I know is that when you are pregnant and feel this child growing inside of you, you know that it is alive from day one. I thank God each day for my beautiful boy.

Update 16/06: Here is a link to a Maxim Institute article on abortion.

# 14.6.05 by Dan

Michael Jackon has been cleared of all charges against him.

I was watching the Sky News live coverage - man, some Americans are crazy! There was a woman outside the court releasing a dove for each of the ten 'not guilty' verdicts.

# 10.6.05 by Dan

Veteran blogger Jason Kottke has just recently tweaked the design of his blog. Small changes - still clean and minimal. No official word yet, nor any indication of whether this is the full extent of his rework.

# 8.6.05 by Dan

I thought of a cool thing when I woke at 1am this morning to go to the bathroom. And I have subsequently implemented 'the cool thing'. Read on...

You will see below that there are a couple of simple links. Some people refer to these as 'remaindered links'. You see, I've tooled around with the CSS so that if I write a post with the subject title 'link' then the title, date/time/poster details, and 'Comment' link are hidden. It means that I can simply post a link without all the unnecessary details taking up extra space on the page!

Update: I put the comments back for the links.

# 7.6.05 by Dan

Ah well.

This post is written primarily to displace the preceeding post from its top spot. Crazy Nigerian spam. Crazy me for publishing my blog-posting email address - an address which I have subsequently disabled.

In work-related news, our new website backend is going live late tonight/early tomorrow morning. It is the culmination of 10 months work, and all things going to plan, no-one should notice a difference, which is a shame really. It will be transitioning from spidered flat HTML to a dynamic pages-built-as-you-view-it site. There is some added functionality and enhancement, but on-the-whole, tomorrow's site will be no different to today's.

Well - better get back into it. Take care and I'll try and talk to you all again soon.

# 1.6.05 by Dan

A tvnz.co.nz article and a nzherald.co.nz article are bemoaning the fact that teenagers just aren't getting the 'safe sex' message. Statistics show that of the teenagers surveyed, half of them are having sex, but only 44% of those having sex are using a condom. Teenagers find the 'safe-sex' message boring and are ignoring it.

Some are pointing the finger at schools, saying their sex education is inadequate, particularly in boys' schools. But really, who is to blame?

You simply cannot blame sex education in schools, nor can you blame the excruciatingly lame television campaigns run by the Ministry of Health.

The most important factor in the issue of sex education is ignored, or worse, deliberately played down. Sex education largely removes the physical act of sexual intercourse from the context of an emotional interpersonal relationship. This is why I believe that children/teenagers are ignoring the message of school- and television-based sex education; it makes them uncomfortable, uneasy, and/or 'grosses them out'. The physical act cannot be divorced from the emotional act, and children/teenagers understand that what they are being taught doesn't make sense, and is of such an intensely personal nature that they shut it out.

So why do they have sex? Surely, given my argument above, you would expect that children/teenagers would shy away from sex. But this is not the case. It is the very same emotional factors that mean children/teenagers do have sex.
Girls are desperate for the love of a man, and errantly see sex as a way of acquiring such love.
A boy desires respect - from particularly from his peers, but also from a girl/girls.
These two emotional needs are natural, and are God given. But the amount of pressure and freedom given by the media and society in general these desires are stirred up and encouraged to be used outside of the context for which they were intended - an exclusive heterosexual marriage.

So how do we effectively educate our children about sex? Parents, as Scotty has said, are responsible for the education of their children. Parents should have cultivated a strong, trusting relationship with their children, and hence are in the best position to discuss with them such an emotionally sensitive issue. Parents are also best able to demonstrate the loving marriage context in which a sexual relationship is intended.

I lay the responsibility for this nation's teenage sex problems squarely at the feet of parents.

Admittedly, today's environment is not parent-friendly. The government is seeking to move responsibility for children from parents to the state.

This is why teenage sex problems in New Zealand are increasing in parallel with the break down of the nuclear family unit.

The best thing we can do to ensure our children receive adequate and appropriate sex education is to build healthy, strong family units - showing love, respect and honour to our spouses. That places us in the best position to educate our children on the issues of sex when we feel they are ready to hear it. We cannot rely on, or even allow, our precious children to be miseducated by a state that is so far removed from reality as to be dangerous.