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# 15.6.05 by Michelle

I am sick of people and various media giving a message that you should have safe sex to insure that you don't get pregnant. Direct or indirect. That is what is being told to us over and over. Aren't you supposed to have safe sex so that you don't get diseases? Is pregnancy a disease?

So, I am looking up statistics and come across this information on abortions. Have you ever read this? Here is what our law states: The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act, as summarised by www.soul.org.nz.

Abortion is legal, when performed by a doctor, if:

  • your life, or mental or physical health is in serious danger from carrying on the pregnancy
  • there is a great risk that the baby would be severely physically or mentally handicapped
  • your pregnancy is the result of incest
  • you are under the legal care or protection of the man who fathered your child
  • you are severely mentally handicapped

Your age, or whether the pregnancy is the result of rape, can also be considered if your life, or mental or physical health is in serious danger from continuing the pregnancy.

And do you know that 98% of abortions that take place are using the reason that their mental health is in serious danger!. Do you know that when an abortion takes place woman must go for counselling? Do you know that many women who have abortions have serious mental problems after they abort but didn't have any before? Did you know that the suicide rate among women who have had abortions is high? All scary facts. Here are some more:

  • Annual Total of New Zealand Abortions in 1999: 15,501 (much much higher now around 18,000 last year I think)
  • Percentage performed 8wks gestation onwards in 1999: 95%
  • Ages of women having abortions in 1999:
    • 20-24 .......... 28.9%
    • 25-29 .......... 22.2%
    • 15-19 .......... 18.3%
    • 30-34 .......... 15.7%
    • 35-39 .......... 10.6%
    • 40-44 .......... 3.6%
    • 12-14 .......... 0.4%
    • 45 + ............ 0.3%
    That means 50% of women having abortions are between the ages of 20 - 30. Ok?

And some more facts - worldwide (www.abortionfacts.com): Approximately 22 million legal abortions were reported in 1987. That is only legal ones....

Have you ever seen photos or video of an abortion taking place when they rip off the limbs from a baby that is 20 weeks old (half way through pregnancy) and see the baby screaming inside the womb. I have. It is so horrible.

So many questions...

All I know is that when you are pregnant and feel this child growing inside of you, you know that it is alive from day one. I thank God each day for my beautiful boy.

Update 16/06: Here is a link to a Maxim Institute article on abortion.