Dan’s Online Diary 

# 24.8.05 by Michelle

Just wanted to let you guys know that sending in a complaint letter does pay off... sometimes (thought you might be interested Alex after your encounters with insulting billboards).

Dan and I have decided to be really careful what we watch on TV, movies etc, even more now with a curious little toddler - only watching G's and PG's. So after not having been to the movies for a very long time we decided to treat ourselves. So we went to see the movies and decided to watch 'Wedding Crashers' with some friends. We read the rating at the movies which was 'M' - medium level violence and decided that wouldn't offend us or our friends too much. We found out though, after just a few minutes of watching,that it contained a lot of swearing, some nudity and only a little violence.

We were very disappointed and decided to write a letter of complaint to the censorship fellas. Here is their reply:

Dear Daniel,

Following complaints, the Labelling Body have issued a new descriptive note for The Wedding Crashers. The film is now rated as M Suitable for Mature Audiences 16 years and over with the descriptive note 'contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes'. This new descriptive note has been distributed to all New Zealand cinemas.

If this had been the rating at the time we would have not chosen to see this movie. Oh well. I am so very glad they chose to change the rating. So go Alex, get those billboard baddies.