Dan’s Online Diary 

# 24.11.06 by Dan

All things going to plan, this evening shall find me at Mt Smart Stadium.

U2 are finally here, and with immeasurable thanks to a top chap, the sweet sounds of Bono and the boys shall be made sweeter still by the prospect of free tickets.

I'll report back post-concert.

In other news, Ariston appliances are the man, replacing the faulty SPST momentary rocker doorswitch in our dishwasher for a paltry $0.00. Prompt and polite, their service was excellent, as was the advice of their local service agent, GK Appliances of Manurewa.

In other other news, my current object of tech-lust is the Sony Ericsson W950i. I've had the Sony Ericsson M600i for a few days and it was a joy to use, with its scroll-wheel, touch-screen and intuitive user interface. The W950i has the same physical format as the M600i, but with a standard-layout keypad instead of the M600i's qwerty keypad. But the W950i has 4GB of storage, and a hot hot music player (it's in the Walkman series of phones).

Anyway, have a good weekend, and perhaps I'll talk to you all again soon!

# 3.11.06 by Dan

I need/want to start something new.

So many ideas, so little resource.