Dan’s Online Diary 

# 31.1.07 by Dan

This post only just makes it into January. Scary stuff.

The new year is up and running - work is working and other routines are being established.

Michelle and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary this last Monday. I surprised her by hiring a VW Kombi camper from kiwikombis.com. This one, to be specific. A tidy old ‘66 split window with chrome Empi 5s. Went up north for the weekend and stayed at a lovely campground at Whangateau.
It’s funny, my boss said to me yesterday "You’ve been married seven years and you’ve only got two kids?". Children are great!

Anyway, I’d actually sat down here to look at a) upgrading this blog to the new Blogger, and b) giving the old blog a bit of a makeover. I’ve not progressed with either, although the message I got when I logged in leads me to believe that a) will occur soon whether I like it or not. I just a little concerned that upgrading might foul up some of the other blogs I administer that haven’t been upgraded yet. We’ll see what happens.

Well, to you who are still reading this, thanks for sticking around. This blog is now four years old. I can’t say it’s still going strong, but it is still going.

Best be off - take care and all that jazz!