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# 19.2.07 by Dan

So on Tuesday, the 20th of February - that’s tomorrow - I turn thirty.

Thirty is a pretty significant age.
Once you’re thirty, it’s not so acceptable to fall back on the excuse of inexperience.
Once you’re thirty, you really are an adult, despite the fact you’ve being claiming that title since the age of eighteen.

On Saturday, my family and friends threw me a surprise birthday party - it was the best party, but it was over all too quickly. Thanks so much to those who came along, and thanks for the gifts!

In other news, I’ve started up a new site/blog. twoseven.co.nz launched a few days ago. It’s where I talk about things related to web design and development, and other such things. You’ll currently see the default Wordpress template, but that will morph into something else, slowly, and incrementally.

I'll keep posting here, so don’t go away!

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