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# 26.4.07 by Dan

So it transpires that the EB (Exclusive Brethren) have had perhaps just as much involvement with Labour as they have had with National; read David Farrar's post.

Firstly, Labour's deceitful response to this 'revelation' is simply aiding the inflating hypocrisy that they're displaying. EB meeting minutes show planned and carefully minuted meetings with Labour caucus members. And yet our Prime Minister paints them as "stalkers" who accost her in public encounters where she must extricate herself at the earliest possible convenience (I read this somewhere, but am struggling to find the source).

Secondly, it appears as if the media have missed the Labour/EB connection entirely. Where is the equivalent lambasting and lengthy speculation that we saw after "revelations" of a National/EB relationship? I don't know much about unions, and how much of an influence they have in the media industry, but I'd say that the media must find it to be in their best interests - read, 'dollars at stake' - to keep quiet on this one.

Such petty, underhanded nastiness. Someone show me some real politics.

# 3.4.07 by Dan

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